last updated Jan 04, 2005

Upgrading a classic computer - the legendary ColourClassic by Apple

Back in the mid 1990s I was convinced that I never wanted a computer in my home - until I came across that ColourClassic (CC).

I fell in love with it and bought one. Okay, it was a Roadapple, a machine with a crippled data bus (16 Bits instead of 32), slowly computing and limited with regard to upgrade possibilities. But with an awesome case design. And that’s the point. Then I sold it to a friend. He fell in love too and still keeps it today.

ColourClassic Modifications

All mods are entirely at your own risk. Moreover, working on an electric device bears the risk of electric shocks and your DEATH! Make sure you know what you are able of.

another exploded view of a ColourClassic: